Learn how your mission-driven organization can become more effective! 


Leading in Community helps mission-driven organizations create effective leaders, encourage individual growth and development of all employees, and build a culture of community. We provide consulting, workshops, coaching, and individual leadership and personal development for executive directors, senior management teams, and all members of the organization.


Learn how to make changes that are very important to you -- but have proven resistant, both to thoughtful plans and to heartfelt intentions. Learn how to overcome obstacles and make positive, long lasting change in your mindset and behavior -- for the benefit of yourself, your team, and your organization. Our Ideal Culture Workshop will help you explore opportunities for individual growth & development, increase team cohesiveness, and become an organization where all employees grow, thrive, and prosper!  


We encourage you to spend some time learning about organizations where each person is working on his or her own growth and development, everyday! Growth culture organizations are founded on the premise that people have untapped potential and opportunities for growth -- even when they are already very good at their work. This method creates a culture of more competent and committed people at all levels of your organization -- and also leads to higher productivity with an enhanced bottom line. 


Leading in Community helps individuals, teams, and organizations learn how to make changes and be their best.