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Erik Meader, Senior Director, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Connie's coaching is based on mutual trust and respect. She evokes excellence by helping people tap into their strengths and by leading them through a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

Beth Birmingham, Senior Director for Leadership and Staff Development, Compassion International

Connie provided an outstanding experience for our participants. She really hit a home run ... a great combination of practical experience and theory in our challenging program with World Vision.

David G. Wolf, Associate Professor of Health Services Administration, Barry University     

Gary is an excellent coach and has the necessary skills, education, talent and experience.

Mary Ellen Harris, HR Leader, Global Tax Management

Gary's approach is respectful, thoughtful, and demonstrates a deep concern for his clients. Throughout our six months of coaching Gary was both a subject matter expert and a caring/thoughtful advocate. My career has been enhanced by working with Gary.

William Silver, Dean, School of Business & Economics at Sonoma State University                                       

Gary did an awesome job on a leadership development program. Clearly, this was a difficult audience, and equally clearly they were pleased with their experience.

Terrina Brooks, Manager, UPS

Connie is a dynamic coach and powerful asset to executive development. She is masterful in her craft, with a remarkable talent in helping others realize their human potential.

Michael T Dominik, Principal Technology Consultant, Product & Process Development Consultants LLC

Leadership and self-development alongside Gary as a coach was an opportunity to re-discover myself. Gary has a deep pool of practical wisdom, and best of all, is a genuine and authentic coach who cares about you as a person.

Ryan T. Ward, Corporate Finance, eBay Enterprise

Connie is a true coach and mentor! She identifies and develops talents beyond simply the intellectual. Her coaching allowed me to launch my career as a successful entrepreneur. Connie is vital to my success!

Dianne Murphy, Athletic Director, Columbia University                                 

I learned so much from Gary and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. I greatly appreciate his expertise and extensive knowledge on leadership.

Mike Bohn, Athletic Director, University of Cincinnati

I never learned more or enjoyed a leadership endeavor as much as the one with Gary. I salute his professionalism, work ethic, and sense of humor.

Stuart Campbell, Senior Business Systems Consultant, T-Mobile

I  highly recommend Connie as a coach, she is using her gifts and abilities to help people get to where they want to be. She distinguished herself by coaching me on how to succeed in my career.

Patricia Bleil, Leadership and Communication Consultant & Faculty, University of Phoenix

Gary's approach to authentic leadership was one of those "ah-ha" moments for me. His use of MBTI to highlight the shadow side to your strengths helped me finally focus on those things that get in my way over and over again in effectively communicating and leading. I highly recommend his book Lead With Authenticity to help you get on track.