Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO)


From the pioneering work in adult development by Harvard University’s Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey, the concept of the Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO) was born.


How does your organization “develop” its people? Consider these two paradigms:


In the 20th century, you chose high potential employees, and invested in their individual growth through executive seminars, coaching, perhaps workshops off-site at special times. This was a limited approach—limited to the number of people “developed”, limited to time available for activities outside of work, and limited to resources available for extra “developmental” activities.


Now consider the 21st century DDO model: everyone has potential for growth and development! The DDO integrates the opportunities for work right into the workplace so that everyone is working on their potential capabilities, everyday!


DDOs view everyone as high potential and treat everyday work as the prime context for development!


In a DDO, everyone, every day, works on developing themselves, others, and the organization.


Let us help you change your paradigm by putting your organization on the path toward a DDO!


The Three Dimensions of a DDO


  • Edge: This is your “growing edge”—the challenge side of development.


  • Home: This is your safe circle that holds you up and holds you accountable as you pursue growth—the support side of development.


  • Groove: This is how you enter into development in your daily work---these are the habits and practices of development.


We’d love to share with you how these three dimensions work together to create a Deliberately Developmental Organization! 





Adapted from WaytoGrow, Inc. Used with permission.