Learning to Lead in Community


What is the “One Big Thing” your organization or team could do better? 

Organizations often use teams to achieve higher levels of productivity and creativity than can be accomplished by a group of individuals. Yet, each intact team is a community -- and can encounter unique challenges when working toward a particular goal. Teams must balance productivity with the art of maintaining positive working relationships. How can the “Leading in Community” model, method, & mindset help your organization or team perform at its highest potential?


  • We work with organizations, individuals and intact teams to help them discover what may be holding them back from achieving their goals. 


  • We enable you to identify behaviors that may get in the way of individual, team, and organizational performance, whether these behaviors are in the realm of productivity or relationships.


  • We uncover competing commitments that may be preventing the individual, team, or organization from operating effectively.


  • We identify interpersonal conflict, perhaps hiding beneath the surface, and provide a path to renewal of interpersonal relationships.


  • We craft a strategy for increasing team and organizational effectiveness around the “One Big Thing” that the team wants to get better at!


Leading in Community will facilitate your mission-driven organization or team becoming truly a community that values individual growth & development as much as it values productivity & creativity.